Creative is run by a freelance creative director who has collected several skills and tools over the years. The journey began with an interest in human behavior, technology and the arts which is when a toolbox was formed. It contains knowledge, experience and skills which have been taught, lived and gained over the years.

It started with a degree in communications and theatre. Over the years, gaining experience in management, marketing, branding and web development, combined with a passion towards writing, photography and acting, all of which were added to the box. This also allowed an independent creative director to find a way to balance her interests in two very different worlds.

By infusing creativity with an organisational nature and technical tools, this combination allowed two very distinct fields to work together towards a common goal.

Currently, Creative offers 2 services online; Web development & Blogger service. For both services, there are no limits to skills or imagination. Creative is ready to utilise the necessary tools in the tool box, as well as learn and add another tool or two along the way!

There is no 'one structure for all'. Each project is looked at individually, prioritising the potential and development of the business or service from within.

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When you an appetite to learn and discover the workings of so many different skills and tools, it allows you to see the world from so many other angles. With every challenge you have a chance to expand your knowledge, and in doing so, you get a chance to discover something new about life and yourself.

Web Development

Creative uses front end development for the creation of websites. Focusing on projects from one page websites, small to medium sized websites with options to display your projects, online store, blog, services you offer or just a site introducing you.

The front end development service standard services includes:

Website structure creation

Website structure building (including image optimisation)

SEO set up & integration

Google Analytics set up & integration

Google Search Console set up & integration

Websites aren't just virtual spaces, they are a chance for you to show who you are and what you do, without any limitations such as those we find on social media platforms.

You can opt for additional services:

Choose to keep your website on our server

Long term maintenance of website

Uploading new content on website

Social media business account setup

Basic social media & Google advertising

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Luxury Porcelain

Creative web development service mobile desktop view

Property Direct from Owner

Creative web development service mobile desktop view

Cygnet Cars

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Inna Kay Lifestyle blog

Blogging Service

Creative offers blogging services on Inna The lifestyle blog is the perfect space where an infusion of writing skills, creative vision and marketing skills come together. There isn't 'a commercial one structure' set for all projects. Every project is approached individually, making sure that all the tools are utilised to cater towards the benefit of the final result.

Type of content you can opt in for:

Collaborative projects


Event coverage

Guest writing for publications

Being a creative director and the content creator, gives me all the freedom to craft a unique way of presenting content and most importantly, giving the readers informative content.

Blogging service includes:

Concept creation

Written content

Photo & Video creation

Content optimisation

Customized marketing plan

Social media posts

Online advertising

Featured articles

Creative Blogging service Inna Bacteriophage Hidradenitis suppurativa 1024x536

Bacteriophage and Hidradenitis suppurativa

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Published Editorial collaboration

Intermittent fasting

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Collaborative shoot with Mercedes Benz

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